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Maranacook Community Middle School Bulletin for Monday, May 29, 2017

Dress Code Reminder
Students and staff at Maranacook Community Middle School are expected to dress in a manner that does not detract from the learning environment. Unacceptable dress includes, but is not limited to: * clothing/accessories that exhibit inappropriate language/messages about tobacco /chemical substances, hate messages or sexual innuendo; * clothing that reveals any private anatomy; * clothing/accessories that have any sharp objects; * wearing spaghetti straps or any straps that are less than 1.5 inches wide; * undergarments that are showing; * not wearing footwear; * violating the “B” rule (the “B” rule includes, but is not limited to: no showing of breasts, butts, bottoms, bellies, backs, boxers, bras, etc.) If any article of clothing offends someone, the student will be asked to change. The student may be asked to turn an inappropriate article of clothing inside out. The student may be asked to call home for a change of clothing. Repeated offenses will result in a parent notification of a discipline meeting with the Principal & Advisor – this meeting will result in appropriate consequences which may include in-house suspension.

Co-Curricular Information
In order to participate in any co-curricular activity, students MUST have the following:
1. Physical with the past two years that is on file in the school wellness center.
2. Proof of accident insurance.
3. Signed co-curricular contract & emergency card (these can be found on the last page of the co-curricular handbook).
4. Be in good academic standing as explained in the co-curricular handbook.

Track and Field:

Dates of Interest
Fri, 5/26:
5th graders from FES, RES & WES visit their MCMS Team 8:00-12:30 (5th graders arrive at MCMS on their regular AM bus and return to elementary school after lunch at 12:30)

Fri, 5/26:
8th graders from Acadia, Royal, Sebago visit high school 8:00-12:30 (8th graders report to middle school advisee time for attendance before going to the high school)

Fri, 5/26:
Warning Notices mailed home by Teams

Mon, 5/29:
Holiday - No School

Thur, 6/1:
Concert in the gym

Fri, 6/2:
Royal Team Field Trip 8:00-2:00 to International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland

Fri, 6/2:
8th Grade Celebration 7:00-10:00 PM
8th grade advisors are asking parents to help with set-up, refreshments, & clean-up
Money donations are also requested for decorations & refreshments
If you are able to help, please contact your child's advisor - thank you!

Sat, 6/3:
Festival of Choirs & Bands at Funtown/Splashtown time TBD

Fri, 6/9:
Royal Team field trip 8:00-2:00 to Reid State Park

Tue, 6/13:
all student laptops get turned in to Advisors

Tue, 6/13:
5th & 8th grade step up day 12:30-2:30 (5th graders arrive at MCMS at 12:30, spend the afternoon with their MCMS Advisee Group, return home from MCMS on their regular PM bus)

Tue, 6/13:
5th grade parent & student ice cream social 5:30-6:30 PM in the MCMS Cafe with MCMS Advisors

Wed, 6/14:
Katahdin Team field trip 8:00-4:00 to New Harbor

Fri, 6/16:
Advisee Day Out

Mon, 6/19:
Royal Team field trip to the Readfield Beach (walk to the Beach after Assembly and return to school at 10:55 for lunch with Advisors before dismissal)

Mon, 6/19:
last student day with 11:40 dismissal

Mon, 6/19:
Grades mailed home by Advisors

Yearbook Info
If you missed the deadline to order a yearbook, there will be a few available on a 1st come - 1st served basis when they arrive in June

Please wear ID badge or Visitor Sticker Reminder
School Policy requires that ALL adults wear a Visitor Sticker or ID Badge. (this includes all regular middle school staff as well)

In the case of an emergency, your Visitor Sticker or ID Badge will help authorities identify you.

If you notice someone with NO Visitor Sticker or ID Badge, please kindly ask that person to report to the office to get one.

Bus Pass NO bus passes on early release days due to busses being FULL
Parents will need to plan for parent pickup if their child is not going home on early release days
please send a note with your child any day that your child is not riding their regular bus home due to parent pick up, etc.

students are assigned a bus number based on their home address - bus passes to ride a different bus are not to be used for personal reasons. All bus passes to ride a different bus must be approved by the transportation office. If you wish your child to ride a different bus for day care purposes, etc., please notify the office as early in the day as possible so that transportation approval can be arranged.

Wellness Center Staff Meetings
the Wellness Center is closed for staff meetings every Wed morning from 9:00-10:30 - if students need the wellness center during this time, staff need to call Jill Harriman at ext. 1136 before sending the student.

No Parking in Circle "at any time"
Vehicles are not to be parked in the circle in front of the school at any time...this is a safety issue! There is NO PARKING in the circle at any time - thank you for understanding and helping to keep our students safe. Vehicles parked in the circle will be towed at owner's expense

Homework Help
Homework help sessions provide a time & place for students to receive TEACHER REQUESTED homework help on Tue's & Wed's from 2:30-4:30 - Students must be picked up promptly at 4:30.
1. Teacher must request the Homework Help Session.
2. Parent permission is required.
3. Student signs up in the Media Center by 1PM.
Limit of 10 students per session - first come/first served basis
Parents can reach their child during homework help by calling the Media Center at 685-3128, extension 1158

Lost & Found
Lost: backpack from Mrs. Munroe's room 11:30 4-14-17 (if found, please turn in to the office)
Lost: silver iPhoneS - if found, please turn in to Mrs. Cote in the office

Lost: Shell Ring - if found, please turn in to Mrs. Cote in the office

Lost: Beats headphones - if found, please turn in to Mrs. Cote in the office.

Community Activities-Not RSU#38 sponsored
Boy Scouts
Boys in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to join Boy Scout Troop 622 - information flyers are available in the office

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